Final Stats

The trip is over… The results are in…
50.27km or 31.23miles,  8:01 hours, 60,232 Steps, 3212 cal, average speed 6.3km/hr or 3.1mph. Friday morning’s weight was 170, Saturday morning was 173 (I carb’d up Friday night), Sunday morning was 175 (I was holding a lot of fluid, my fingers looked like sausages), Thursday morning my weight is finally back down to pre-run weight at 168.

This was an incredible day.  I couldn’t have done it without the great support of my family and friends.  Thanks everybody, let’s do it again next year. 51Km for my 51th birthday.

2/3s thru

Making great time. Not running much. Starting to get a little giddy. Jared and Davi joined for a while and Mark walked/ran a long way with. Down to just Mike, Meg, Ben & Myself plus all the support back home. My calculations were off on the route. The GPS watches show us covering more distance.

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1/3 down

We’re a 3rd of the way thru the route. Ran about 2.5 miles, walked the reat Averaging better than 4 miles an hour. Making much better time than expected. 20235 steps.

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