Final Stats

The trip is over… The results are in…
50.27km or 31.23miles,  8:01 hours, 60,232 Steps, 3212 cal, average speed 6.3km/hr or 3.1mph. Friday morning’s weight was 170, Saturday morning was 173 (I carb’d up Friday night), Sunday morning was 175 (I was holding a lot of fluid, my fingers looked like sausages), Thursday morning my weight is finally back down to pre-run weight at 168.

This was an incredible day.  I couldn’t have done it without the great support of my family and friends.  Thanks everybody, let’s do it again next year. 51Km for my 51th birthday.

2/3s thru

Making great time. Not running much. Starting to get a little giddy. Jared and Davi joined for a while and Mark walked/ran a long way with. Down to just Mike, Meg, Ben & Myself plus all the support back home. My calculations were off on the route. The GPS watches show us covering more distance.

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1/3 down

We’re a 3rd of the way thru the route. Ran about 2.5 miles, walked the reat Averaging better than 4 miles an hour. Making much better time than expected. 20235 steps.

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Thank you Jesus for the beautiful day you have planned

In about 90 minutes I’ll start my journey. I fueled up last night, got a good nights sleep and I’m ready. It looks like I’ve got 3 people committed for the full 50k and I’m going to have about 6 or 7 people start off with me this morning. I’ve also heard from several of my friends that may join me along the way. Thank you Jesus for the beautiful day you have planned. I’ll be tweeting ( and blogging along the way, so check back on my progress.